The headshot : evolved


I love actors. I am one. 

But it’s a crazy journey! On the one hand there’s the complex and exhilarating experience of entering a fantasy world and telling a story other than your own. On the other, there’s an intense and stressful industry full of agents, auditions, castings, and publicity that must be navigated without any road map. 

Undoubtedly, headshots are a super important part of this journey: they get you into the audition room, they get you noticed by representation, and they are the calling card that can take your career to the next level. A good headshot is supposed to show you off and stand out from all the others. And yet, there is something so outdated, generic and unnatural about many of the ultra-glam headshots out there. As an actor, I had a really hard time finding a photographer that not only had me looking like the same person who walks into the audition room, but also had me looking different than every other actor and actress in their portfolio. I wanted to look amazing, but I also wanted to look like me. Turns out, a lot of actors I knew wanted the same thing. After a decade of photography experience, I branched into headshot photography and have since been working to give actors modern, fresh, unique shots!

To me, there is nothing more beautiful and confident than embracing a natural, relaxed look. Yes, wear the fab clothes you feel amazing in! Yes, style the hair and makeup to give you that fresh glow! But also remember that this isn’t a factory -  what works for one person doesn’t always work for the next. I make sure to treat each shoot as a unique collaboration and work with you to style, pose, and capture a whole variety of looks within your shoot time.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, or email me to book a studio session!


Photo Session


For all shoots, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to officially book a session. Any rescheduling must be done at least ten days in advance, otherwise a new deposit must be made. 



1 hour shoot

unlimited looks

1 retouched photo

300 + images


3 hour shoot

unlimited looks

3 retouched photos

500+ images


Hair/makeup is an additional fee paid directly to the stylist at the shoot. Optional, but highly recommended. The hair/makeup artist can only be booked for a full session.  

Additional edited photos are $35/photo. Retouching is done in house, so please feel free to reach out with any questions regarding the editing process. 

All hi-res images are uploaded online within one week of the shoot and remain online for 6 months. Further details (i.e. a suggested wardrobe list, etc) are sent out once the session is officially booked. Consultations are optional, but can be made prior to the shoot as well.  

Refunds and/or reshoots are only done in cases of studio technical/equipment issues or inclement shooting weather (determined by the photographer). Because I use natural light for part of the photo shoot, there’s a chance inclement weather would require a second pickup shoot to ensure you get the full experience. This will be free of charge, booked with the next available date/time slot, and have a next day turnaround for the images.

Email: for any questions/concerns.