I trained at the experimental theatre wing of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. After receiving my BFA in Drama, I performed Off-Broadway and in several indie films before jumping behind the camera as a filmmaker. My debut fantastical horror short, Venefica, played at over 25 festivals around the world before being picked up by the fine folks over at Shudder. In 2017, I also had a fun feature in the New York Times on my experiences as a woman of color horror filmmaker. 

Through photography, I've been able to do some amazing fashion/editorial collaborations and meet some incredibly talented performers who've inspired me along the way. What started off as helping my peers out with a much-needed headshot here and there, soon grew into a full-fledged business. In my work, I aim to elevate the headshot away from the world of cheesy glamour shots and closer to the more three-dimensional world of artist portraiture. I think that's something my clients have come to appreciate - a simple, effortlessly confident aesthetic infused with a fresh New York edge. 

You can learn more about my filmmaking, fashion photography & personal work at www.mariacwilson.com & by following the links below.